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For over 100 years the major regional shipping company domiciled in Singapore was the Straits Steamship Company Ltd. It was a truly regional shipping company with subsidiaries based in Penang and Malacca, in Peninsula Malaysia, in Sabah and in Sarawak.

Its white painted fleet was the essential connecting link, not only between the major ports of the Malayan and Borneo archipelagos, but also venturing into every minor creek and waterway to provide for trade to and from the outside world. For the greater part of its existence the Straits fleets were closely


linked both financially and commercially with the Liverpool based firm of Alfred Holt & Company, better known as the Blue Funnel Line, which passed on to Straits the blue colour which formed the base of its ships? funnels.

The corporate history of Straits Steamship and its subsidiaries, the Eastern Shipping Company of Penang, Kheng Seng Steamship of Malacca, The Sarawak Steamship Company of Kuching, the Sabah Steamship Company of Sandakan and the Ho Hong Steamship Company of Singapore, were admirably recorded in K. G. Tregonning's seminal work "Home Port Singapore" published in 1967. Because that history did not deal in detail with the ships themselves, an endeavour to fill that gap was made with the publication in 1976 of ?The Straits Steamship Fleets" by W.A. Laxon and the late R.K. Tyers.

Much more information has since come to light, and this new and completely re-written account of the Straits Steamship Fleets not only incorporates those details, and covers the subsequent 30 years, but also marks the departure from shipowning of Straits' parent, the Keppel Group, and the pending 130th anniversary of the now independent The Sarawak Steamship Company in 2005.

This book contains 186 pages and more than 90 photographs, documents and illustrations.

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